Course Requirements


  1. Promptness, Preparation, and Participation: 40% of the course grade.

Be prompt, be prepared, and participate.  Use your time in class well.  “Late” attendance counts 2/3 of “on-time”.  Bring needed supplies and do necessary pre-work in order to stay on track.  On selected work days, you must post evidence of your progress on your blog to demonstrate participation and receive credit for this grade element.  Post must be made before the start of class.



  1. Design collection / Branding: 30% of course grade

Final project  Working in self directed and self-chosen production teams of two people, each team will develop and execute the material culture components for a start up fashion / accessory business. Students will be graded on their individual contribution to the overall success of the project.  Remember this is your chance to do your best work, using all your knowledge, to produce a great project to leave school with a great portfolio. This is also a chance to demonstrate being a team player, help your teammates to do their best work too.


Each team is required to recruit their own models, stylists and dressers for the fashion show.  For the Fashion show organization, participants need to work on Documentation, PR, Music, MC, sponsorship, Show Line up and back stage organization, Programs.  The location and time is determined by the instructors.


Students will research, develop, produce and document a collection of 5 – 7 complete looks.

One look is to be “Avant-Garde”, a dramatic “closing” look.


The following elements must be included:

  • Creative Statement for Collection  (Designer)
  • Inspiration / Mood Board / swatches for Collection  (Designer)
  • Budget (together)
  • Sketches / Illustrations / Flats (Designer)
  • Line Sheet of Collection including cost sheet. (Merchandiser)
  • Tech Pack – at least one (Merchandiser)
  • Customer profile – demographic – geographic, sociographic and economic. (merchandiser)
  • Brand statement (Merchandiser)
  • Mood Board of customer to generate Branding (Merchandiser)
  • Branding of Collection (logo)
  • Look book: Printed copy for each team member (Merchandiser)
  • Full participation and support of Fashion show (both)



  1. Portfolio: 30% of course grade.

A strong portfolio opens doors, and a weak portfolio closes them!

Your portfolio is often the only thing a person sees before deciding whether or not to contact you, and in many cases you may not be present to explain it (particularly on-line portfolios). There are fundamental qualities that all outstanding portfolios share, and a variety of principles and techniques that can help take your portfolio from average to excellent. If at all possible, your portfolio should be appropriate to the situation and reviewer, and all portfolios should show creativity, skills, range, thought, and ambition. It is the overall combination of these, plus that “special something,” that makes one designer stand above the others.

For more about portfolios

Students will organize and present all elements of their final project, in a way, which communicates an advanced understanding of area of study.  The printed method of organization is up to the student.  IE there are no size or format requirements.

Portfolio should include:

  • Resume
  • Creative Statement
  • Inspiration / Mood Images

Presentation and Documentation of your best creative work


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